Friends of Patan Hospital

About Us

Friends of Patan Hospital (FOPH) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, which has been organized to assist Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Actually, the results of what FOPH does are broader. For example, one of the missions of Patan Hospital, which FOPH supports, is to train Nepalese professionals for health care services elsewhere in the country. More broadly, providing adequate healthcare is a necessary step for developing countries. FOPH brings home to people in the United States how fortunate they are to live in a country where the healthcare available even to the poor far exceeds that given to most of the people in the world. Listed below are the directors of FOPH. But "us" is a great many other people — people who write checks, who get others involved, who arrange donations of needed equipment and a few with special skills who go to Nepal to work at the hospital for a short time. We also should include those who inspire us: the dedicated Nepali and expatriate professionals at Patan, most of whom work for little pay in the service of God.


Chairman of the Board F. Joseph Feely III
Chairman of Board, Emeritus James L. Hecht
PresidentDr. Catherine Michael
Vice PresidentDr. Aaron Mansfield
Treasurer Eleanor Roberts
Assistant TreasurerMary Jo Bush
Assistant Treasurer Connie Dunlap
Vice Chairman and Secretary Mark E. Haynes
DirectorDr. Paras Acharya
DirectorMary C. Carroll
Director Dr. Rajesh Gongal
Director Dr. Amy B. Hecht
Director Dr. Linda Hungerford
Director Dr. Saraswati Kache
DirectorChrissy Kohrt
DirectorDr. Rebecca Mashburn
Director Dr. Paban Sharma
Director Robert B. Shields
Director Dr. Kim Solez
Director Dr. O. James Staats
Director Dr. George A. Taylor
Director Dr. Mark Zimmerman

At least two directors and at least one member of the Executive Committee must be drawn from staff or administration of Patan Hospital. Decisions as to the needs of Patan Hospital or as to contributions require an affirmative vote of 80% of the Board or Executive Committee. Major decisions would require an affirmative vote of 80% for the entire Board. These provisions have been included to insure input by Patan Hospital as to major decisions, and to encourage consensus and collegiality.