Friends of Patan Hospital

The opening ceremony of the Children's Ward

Mark Zimmerman

"This is a place where the staff still have a 'mission spirit' of hard work and compassion and caring. This is a place where we take care of the neglected. Those who other hospitals turn away, we will try to never turn away."

"It has been an honor for us... to see the dreams of so many come true. The years of dreaming, planning, building...
A church representative
from Denver, CO
by all of you is what made this new wing come to pass. We hope this building will stand for many years to come as a beacon of faith to all those who love Nepal and who work towards its future. The lord of us all, whatever our religion, must be watching today with a smile. I am excited by the possibilities that become achievable as we work together in the community. Let us continue to have big dreams as we continue to serve each other as brothers and sisters."

Sir Edmund Hillary

"In the welfare of health and children lies the future of our society, and indeed, the world. This children's ward will be enormously valuable to Katmandu, and bring health and security to hundreds of young people... To see a facility such as this... for the people here in Katmandu is very encouraging indeed."

View the Children's Ward opening video.