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On Saturday, April 25th, 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It is clear that the devastation to human life and property has been catastrophic, and it will likely be weeks or months before the extent of the damage is assessed. While much news emphasis has been on Kathmandu and Mt. Everest, preliminary reports indicate there is also heavy damage in the rural areas. Tens of thousands of residents in Kathmandu are sleeping outside, and many aftershocks have been occurring since the main quake. It will take the country years to rebuild.

Our immediate concern is taking care of the basic human needs of those suffering. Patan Hospital has been doing just that since the disaster hit, and you can help.

Because of donors' past support, Patan Hospital is well equipped to help. As you can see from the letter below with a quote from Dr. Jay Shah, Patan Hospital Staff and Patan Academy Health Sciences students have been working around the clock to care for the injured.

Right now, the need is great. Friends of Patan Hospital will be sending a donation to the Patan Hospital Charity Fund in addition to the $30,000 we sent in February. This money will be used to care for the many injured who will be without the resources to pay for care in the coming days . Patan Hospital will soon be under severe financial duress without our help. Let's show our friends and colleagues at Patan Hospital that we stand by their sides and donate now.

Donate Now to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal

FOPH is seeking donations to help pay for the medical care of earthquake victims, and we will be rapidly sending funds to Kathmandu to help this greatly needed endeavor.

FOPH also handles donations in support of Okhaldhunga Hospital in rural Nepal. If you would like to designate your donation for Okhaldhunga, please send an e-mail to at the time of your donation to let us know.

May 12th Update on Nepal Earthquake Relief:

Dear all well wishers,

Today we felt and survived few greater magnitude earthquakes.We are safe but the country is not. Till now we already have 45 cases though no death troll yet. Most of the parts of hospital has been evaculated and OT has been shifted to tent and and the deliveries in the field.

Current Status at 3pm (NST) after today's earthquake:
Total Victims - 45 (Red-1, Yellow-1, Green-43) and expecting more
Surgery completed- 1 @ Tent set-up
Cesarian Delivery - 1 @ Tent set-up
Normal Delivery -1 Tent set-up

We appreciate whatever immediate support you can in the regard.

Archana Shrestha

May 7th Update on Nepal Earthquake Relief:

Thousands of people were injured by falling bricks and walls in the earthquake, and many require surgery to repair their battered bodies. Although the operating rooms at Patan Hospital have been running at capacity since the earthquake, they have been unable to keep up with the need. Worse, the backlog is growing, not shrinking, because Patan Hospital has begun to receive patients airlifted into the Kathmandu valley from outlying areas.

In the past 11 days, Patan Hospital has treated nearly 1600 earthquake victims. Below are the statistics of the earthquake disaster victims as of 05 May 2015, Tuesday:

Victims brought to Patan Hospital --1575
Admitted patients ------------------ 160
Discharged patients ------------------38
Expires ------------------------------57
Major operations --------------------100
Minor operations ---------------------22

Patan Hospital contacted us late on May 5 to give us these stats, and also to tell us that they could have done better. They had both the human resources and the space to operate; what they lacked was the supplies. "Had we had the adequate budget," wrote Patan Hospital Communications Officer Archana Shrestha, "we could have provided our service more smoothly to both the disaster victims as well as our regular patients. Thus we are in dire need of these [surgical] equipments for the treatment of the victims."

The money that people around the world donated to Friends of Patan Hospital and Friends of Nepal will go towards outfitting and opening two new operating theaters and a surgical ICU. Patan Hospital has already begun procuring supplies such as anesthesia machines, operating table lights, ventilators, monitors, portable X-ray machines, patient trolleys, surgical instruments, ECG machines, and defibrillators. They hope to open the new rooms within days.

Update from Patan Hospital 4/25 11:43am

We are ok, 500+ injured, 46 casualties in our hospital, we are standby through night to have shift-wise rest for staff, students. In pvt clincs, corridors, and basic science classroom, relatively safe being on ground floor, students have been greatest helping hands...will have more details by tomorrow, the open space in front of hosp buildings and opd hall are used as makeshift wards. Have postponed regular opd and or tomorrow, will need few days to get to normal hospital functioning.

God bless us all
Dr. Jay Shah, Patan Hospital

All money raised by FOPH is used directly to benefit the people in Nepal. There is no expense for staff, office space is donated, and professional services are all pro bono.

FOPH is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

Contributions will be used for:

* Shipping to Nepal donated equipment and supplies
* Purchasing needed equipment
* Capital improvements in the hospital
* Paying for staff training
* Paying for equipment and building maintenance
* Direct contributions to the charity fund.

Your gift will make a difference in what happens in Nepal and will give you the satisfaction of knowing you helped. It should be mailed to:

Friends of Patan Hospital
1980 Dahlia Street
Denver, CO 80220


When you send your contribution, be sure to include your address if it is not on the check. Also, we would appreciate inclusion of a telephone number and e-mail address. We will not use them often and never give them out.