Friends of Patan Hospital


The recently established Neonatal ICU and Pediatric ICU have helped Patan Hospital better treat difficult life-threatening cases among its youngest patients. The following descriptions of cases encountered since start up last July of 2009 involve charity services provided by the hospital to some of its poorest patients. FOPH regularly donates funds to help provide charity care at Patan Hospital. The following cases illustrate the desperate conditions that such donations help to alleviate.

Pediatric ICUNeonatal ICU
Pediatric ICU opened July 7, 2009Neonatal ICU opened July 2, 2009

Case 1:
A 2-year old boy sustained severe 50% burns when the tent in which his family was living caught fire. His family is very poor and lived illegally as squatters. Prior to recovery he spent 30 days at Patan Hospital, including 24 days in the Pediatric ICU. He received intensive nursing care, fluid infusions, antibiotics, several surgical debridements, physiotherapy and nutritional rehabilitation.

Case 2:
An 11-year old boy was treated for 9 days to a cure for meningoencephalitis with neurocysticerosis. He was abandoned by his father and brought up by his mother, who is poor and sells sweets on the street for a living.

Case 3:
A 12-year old boy with meningoencephalitis with seizure disorder was treated to a cure in 10 days. He was abandoned by his parents and is being raised by an aunt, who is poor and sells biscuits on the streets for a living.

Case 4:
A 7-year old girl with hepoticencephalopathy (Hep A) with DIC was treated to a complete cure in 17 days. Her parents are farmers in a nearby village.

Case 5:
A baby had to be delivered by caesarian section because he had passed meconeum in the uterus. The child was born with fast and difficult breathing and was found to have pneumonia at birth. The child later had a seizure. The cause of the infection was Kliebsella bacteria in the motherís womb. The child was treated to a complete cure. The family is poor with the father a Rickshaw puller.


In 1994, 27-year-old Emily Foster of Marblehead, Massachusetts, developed a severe infection on her foot while rafting in Nepal. By the time she could be transported...
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On a Thursday evening Dr. Alistair called me from the Emergency Room.

"I've some bad news."
"What's up, Al?"
"Well, Sir Edmund has come in with chest pain and shortness of breath.Looks like he's in Pulmonary edema."

The helicopter took him...
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